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Rick Warren wants to please God

Check out this video of Rick Warren defending his position on gay marriage on Piers Morgan.

A friend on Facebook asked me what I thought about it. I couldn’t answer him honestly for a lot of reasons. So I decided to answer the friend here, where it is safe and I am anonymous. I know, I know…

Where to start? First of all, Warren’s definition of tolerance is all wrong. I know a lot of people who embrace tolerance, and none of them believe that “all ideas are equally valid.” That is a straw man argument that gets thrown out a lot but no one actually believes it.
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The myth of American law being based on the Ten Commandments

It’s a common refrain from among religious and political fundamentalists. The so-called ten commandments of the Judeo-Christian religions are supposed to be the bedrock upon which all Western — or at least American — law is based. People who don’t think it through and who have been raised up among such nonsense generally nod in agreement. The argument is important because some use this premise as a basis to further argue the historical and legal importance of their commandments, with the idea of making the public display of same not a religious but a civic matter.

So it makes sense to examine the claim — is American law based in any way on the ten commandments?

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Defining a political stance

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For a while now I have been calling myself a liberal and/or progressive. But it just occurred to me that I don’t think that is the best way to describe my political stance. I’m not sure what the best way is, or of there is a best way.

More than anything, I see myself as a rationalist. As much as anyone can be rational, that is. This is especially true in the realm of economics, where clear evidence linking policy to outcomes is rare. That’s where I tend to fall back on ideology and let my liberal tendencies take over. Read the rest of this entry