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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Where are the miracles?

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Does God exist? As many people on all sides of the “does God exist” debates have agreed, I personally believe that this is something which will┬ánever be definitively proved or disproved. To use some legal terminology, that leaves a lower standard of provenance: rather than showing proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we are more concerned with the preponderance of evidence. And for my money, the scales weigh heavily on the “non-existence” side.

Since we can never know for sure that there is or is not a God, it comes down to basically one thing: does the world work in ways that can be rationally understood and predicted (naturalism) or do things happen unexpectedly, miraculously and with no plausible natural explanation (super-naturalism).

In other words: do miracles happen? Read the rest of this entry